Transforming CO₂ into cost-effective biomaterials

Bio-based innovation Meets industrial performance

Kenaf Ventures is all about developing sustainable materials made from plants and providing a responsible and greener choice for manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact.

About Us

We are decarbonizing manufacturing,
one sustainable solution at a time!

Kenaf Ventures is an Israeli CleanTech and ClimateTech company dedicated to empowering manufacturers with the future of sustainable materials.

We develop high-performing bio-based alternatives to traditional, polluting feedstock, promoting carbon removal and a cleaner industrial sector (e.g. the plastic and construction industries). Through innovative solutions, we empower manufacturers to achieve both environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Pioneering Sustainable Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Biomaterials

At Kenaf Ventures, science meets sustainability. We fuel innovation through cutting-edge intellectual property (IP) focused on unlocking the full potential of the Kenaf plant. Our groundbreaking technology, built on years of research, harnesses the remarkable carbon sequestration capabilities and the exceptional mechanical properties of the Kenaf plant.

About Us

Building a green future

Driven by a commitment to a cleaner, healthier world for future generations, Kenaf Ventures actively contributes to the fight against climate change by focusing on two key goals:

Industrial Decarbonization

We strive to replace polluting materials currently used in various industries with our sustainable alternatives.

Net-Zero Emissions

Our focus on bio-based materials translates to the natural removal of millions of tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere annually.

About Us

Our Team

A team of entrepreneurs with vast experience in steering companies from their ideation through achieving market leadership and executing successful exits.


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About Us


A dedicated team of scientists and professional consultants that are committed to our success.


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Climate Policy
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Kenaf: Nature's Powerhouse

Kenaf isn’t your average plant. It boasts a unique set of characteristics that make it a game-changer for decarbonized manufacturing:

Fast and Efficient

Fast-Growing (3-5 months) ensures rapid renewal of raw materials.

High-Yielding Biomass

Yields more biomass per hectare compared to other crops to maximize industrial potential.

Carbon Capture Champion

Absorbs significant amounts of CO₂, removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.


Reduces transportation costs and eases construction.

Versatile Growth

Kenaf can be cultivated on less-fertile lands.

Soil Enrichment

Promotes healthy agricultural practices as it grows.

Impact Recognition

Acknowledged by the Kyoto Protocol for its effectiveness in reducing global warming.


Natural Materials, Sustainable Future

Tech-Driven Sustainability

Our innovative technology unlocks the full potential of the Kenaf plant, creating a powerful natural carbon sink and high-yielding cultivation methods. This translates to cost-effective, eco-friendly materials for manufacturers.

Bio-Based Performance

We leverage cutting-edge science to develop superior bio-based substitutes. These alternatives match or even surpass traditional materials in price, quality, and environmental impact, making them a smart choice for businesses.


Sustainable Biomaterials for a Greener Future

We develop eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials like plastics, mineral wool, and polystyrene. Our focus is on creating:

Cost-effective and high-quality products

Our biomaterials are renewable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice.

Carbon-negative solutions

our biomaterials not only reduce the use of polluting materials but also remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Scalable solutions

We offer a range of biomaterials that can be produced in large quantities to meet industry needs.

Our Solutions

Bio-Based Plastics (Market-Ready)

In partnership with Kafrit Group, we’ve created innovative plastics with 20-30% Kenaf, a renewable plant, blended with common plastics like Polypropylene (PP) and High-density polyethylene (HDPE). This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and keeps costs competitive.

Kenaf Wool (Market-Ready)

A high-quality, cost-effective and biodegradable substitute for mineral wool insulation. Made with 85% Kenaf fibers and 15% other natural materials, Kenaf Wool offers excellent thermal insulation in rolls and panels with adjustable properties.

Bio-Block and Bio-Plaster (Market-Ready)

Strong, lightweight, and naturally insulating building materials. These versatile options are composed of 80% Kenaf fibers, making them a sustainable choice for construction projects.

Kenaf Foam (In Development)

This promising biodegradable alternative to Expanded Polystyrene is ideal for thermal insulation boards and panels. Composed of high percentages of Kenaf fibers and natural additives, Kenaf Foam offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Value Proposition


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